Two Bladed Pocket Knife
from PVC and Hacksaw Blades

by Bob Gillis



Use a hot pad to press the soft and hot PVC into a handle.


Blades and handle.


Sand and round the edges of the PVC. Also sand out a finger slot to grab the blades when folded.


Drill a hole the same diameter as the rivet. Place the hole 5/8" from the end of your handle, so that when the blades are open, the back of the blades are supported by the handle. See the two washers on the rivet. The PVC is not stiff enough without the washers.


Wedge the mid-section of a hacksaw blade between the two blades of your knife before pop riveting. When the hacksaw blade is removed, this provides spacing so you can open the pocket knife blades after riveting. Otherwise, the pocket knife blades get squeezed together by the rivet.


Note the end of the rivet protruding. Also see how far back the blades rest on the handle, when the knife is open.


Sand or file the pop rivet so it is smooth.


The Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife folded.


Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife finished.


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