Two Bladed Pocket Knife
from PVC and Hacksaw Blades

by Bob Gillis





To make a Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife you will need a hacksaw blade, 1/2" pop rivet, 2 washers and a "thin wall" Class 200 PVC. The tools needed are a hacksaw blade, pop rivet gun, stove, sand paper, and grinder (you can use a sharping stone rather than a grinder, but it takes longer). It takes approximately 1/2 hour to make the Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife.


Flex hacksaw blade back and forth to brake off the ends for blades. I leave one as a saw, but you could make it a knife, screwdriver or other tools. You can make 3, 4 or more blades if you want.


I used class 200 PVC 1" split into 1/3.


All you need to make a Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife.


Grind the teeth off of one of the blades, sharpen and shape.


When grinding, never let your blade get so hot you can not touch it. Cool the blade often by dunking it in a can of water.


Heat the PVC over your stove. Do not scorch the PVC. Keep it always moving over the stove. You should be able to just barely handle it by hand. When the PVC is soft and flexable, quickly insert your two blades. Press the PVC into shape until it cools.

WARNING: Heat PVC out of doors and only enough to soften it. Use a fan to blow away any fumes. Over heating can produce noxious fumes.

Note that the same knife can be made using bone, wood or antler by sawing a channel in the material of choice. A copper rivet can be used to secure the blade(s).




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