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Nanook of the North (1922)
Starring: Nanook
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"Classic Silent Documentary about an Inuit named Nanook. Movie shows Nanook hunting and fishing as well as building an igloo. Rereleased on video tape."
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Nova: Ice Mummies - Return of the Iceman (1998)
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"A man wandered into the Italian Alps about 5,000 years ago and never returned - until his astonishingly well-preserved body was discovered by hikers in 1991. Return of the Iceman by NOVA looks at the scientific research, and political controversy, that emerged from this spectacular find. Using CAT scanning and carbon dating, scientists were able to learn much about the man's health and lifestyle, from the tools he used to the foods he ate, giving us much greater insight into the life of our ancestors during the Stone Age. Much of the research was conducted in Austria, but after surveyors determined that the body was found in Italian territory, a small battle was launched to return the body to its "homeland." The research continues, however, and the outstanding science reporting we expect from Nova keeps us informed and amazed."


Nova: Neanderthals on Trial (2001)
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"Were Neanderthals human ancestors or an evolutionary dead-end? After more than a century of investigation, the jury is still out. Exploring one of the most contentious debates in human origins, NOVA offers a surprising look at how the science works, and how investigators sometimes fool themselves into seeing what they want to see."




Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires - Colosseum (1997)
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"Uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations as NOVA journeys to an archaeological site where teams of experts use traditional techniques to test their hypotheses. Try out two possible designs for the canopy that once covered the Colosseum, one of them borrowed from ancient ships. "



Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires - Inca (1997)
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"Uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations as NOVA journeys to an archaeological site where teams of experts use traditional techniques to test their hypotheses. Explore the magnificent mountainside citadels, and marvel as villagers create a 50-foot suspension bridge using nothing but grass."




Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires - Stonehenge (1997)
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"Uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations as NOVA journeys to an archaeological site where teams of experts use traditional techniques to test their hypotheses. Watch a band of experts move, raise, and cap a structure like the mysterious Stonehenge, armed with Stone Age tools. "




Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires II - China Bridge (2000)
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"Travel to 12th-century China as engineers, scientists and scholars help reveal the intricate mysteries behind the revolutionary strength and elegance of the Rainbow Bridge."




Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires II - Easter Island (2000)
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"Approximately 900 moai (giant human form sculptures made of stone) were carved over a period of 500 years by ancient people who had only stone tools hewn from volcanic rock. How did the people quarry the stone, carve the figures, and move them to their locations? NOVA assembles a team of archeologists, engineers, and local residents in this episode. The problems the team members encounter make the successes all the more rewarding as they re-create the moai, transport them, and erect these amazing marvels."


Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires II - Medieval Siege (2000)
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"This is a very well-done documentary about two medieval historians who take on a mission: given two weeks, build a trebuchet and use it to knock a hole in a 5-foot thick castle wall 200 yards away. The documentary covers the little known history of this amazing siege weapon. It's really incredible seeing these massive catapults launch 250-pound stones into the air."




Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires II - Pharoah's Obelisk (2000)
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"How did the ancient Egyptians raise their obelisks, which were over 100 feet tall, weighing about 500 tons, and carved from a single block of stone? Nautical experts and engineers came together to re-create the endeavor. Clues to how it could be done were found on the painted walls of tombs, yet they didn't make the task immediately successful. Various methods were tried with little success. Setback after setback occurred, and frustration among the team grew. Finally through perseverance, a team member and his group successfully attempts this remarkable feat."



Primitives Among Us
Produced by Jon M. Smith, SUTV, Southern Utah University
A 50-minute video journey with those seeking to connect with the past.

"They might be school teachers or computer programmers, but they can light fires with sticks in their hands and make pottery from the earth. “Primitives Among Us” tells of the people who teach and practice primitive skills in our modern society. The history of the modern primitive skills movement is detailed along with the experiences of how these individuals seek to connect to the past in order to make a better future for all.
Shot on location at Rabbit Stick - Idaho, Winter Count - Arizona, Schiele Museum - North Carolina, and other locations in Arizona, Utah and Idaho."

Bonus Material includes: Extended interviews with Larry Dean Olsen, David Wescott, Steve Watts, Errette Callahan, and David Holladay.


Order at: www.suu.edu/sutvwebstore
Price: $19.95 plus shipping



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