The Two-Stick Hearthboard for Fire-by-Friction

by Dick Baugh (May 21, 2000)



Many practicioners of stone age technology are interested in fire-by friction methods which require a minimum amount of knife work, the reasons being that 10,000 years ago cutting that notch wasn't as easy as it is today with your fancy Swiss Army knife. One way to eliminate the chore of cutting a notch in your hearthboard when starting a friction fire is to make the hearthboard out of two round sticks tied together. This idea was sketched out in Mors Kochansky's book "Bushcraft" (ISBN # 0-919433-51-0) and also described in an article by Gary Zeh in Volume 3, Issue 3 of Wilderness Way magazine.

I tried this out with a bow drill. There's nothing to it!


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