Pomo Tule Doll
by Norm Kidder



"These were woven by adults for the children."
from "Material Aspects of Pomo Culture, in the Bulletin of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee"
by S. A. Barrett, 1952


1. Cut two 16", and eight to fourteen 8" tules, and flatten them.

2. Center a short tule (#2) over the middle of a long tule (#1), then fold the long one in half.

3. Center a 2nd short tule (#3) over the folded #1, just below #2.

4. Fold both halves of #2 over #3.

5. Continue with #4, as with #3, folding #3 over #4, then #4 over #5, #5 over #6, #6 over #7 until all the short tules are used.

6. When the last short tule is ready to fold down, place one end of the 2nd long piece over the doll, then fold down both sides of the short tule, locking it in place. Then use the long end remaining to wrap the lower part of the doll. Tuck the end of the tule under the last wrap and pull tight. Trim the ends.




This article was first published in The Bulletin of Primitive Technology (Fall 1994, #8)

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