The Scarf Key

by Mike Richardson



This is an easy and interesting way to haft a bone or antler point to a dart or spear shaft without any need of glue or pitch. It's called a scarf key. Just a small BB size pebble set into two dimples on either side of a scarf joint. It lets you pull the point back out of a target without the point coming off. The point in these pictures is moose antler on a birch shaft atlatl dart. I threw this about 12 times, from 15 yards at the piece of 3/4" plywood with out breaking or the point pulling off. I then took it apart to examine the scarf. It was fine, just like when I assembled it. The cord used is linen flax, 37 lb. On a larger scarf you could use two pebbles in line. It can also be used with a scarf and tube for joining handles of a large dip net or spear.



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Mike Richardson resides in Anchorage, Alaska.

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