The Info Super Highway Refugee

lyrics by Norm Kidder © 2003



Just sitting at his console
with his belly on his knees
The chair had special cutouts
for the poohs and for the pees
He hadn't been outside or
bathed since 1993
The technobody info super highway refugee.

If he should get hungry
he would fax his favorite store
And 30 minutes later
they'd deliver to his door
He'd eat a jumbo pizza
made with seven kinds of cheese
And never think about the
fat or counting calories
When he was feeling lonely
and had needs, to be a man,
He'd surf the web for porn and
then just give himself a hand
It's better than relation-
ships that have no guarantees
For technobody info super highway fantasies.

He did his work by e-mail
for a boss he'd never see
Programming linux, unix,
java was his specialty,
The folks he met in chat rooms
thought he was a prodigy
Another faceless member
of the dot-community,
Then one day he saw an ur-
gent e-mail on his screen
The dot-com boom had busted
not to be as it had been
The profits made by those on
top seemed really quite obscene
To a technobody info super highway refugee.

Now without a job he had
to make a brand new start
There was hiring at MacDonalds
but he didn't have the heart
From the life that he had known
he was completely free
Just like the stock that he now
owned in his old company.
That life he'd thought was perfect
now had turned into a curse
As matters quickly went from
bad to badder and then worse
The sheriff came and took his
house and he was forced to flee
The technobody info super highway refugee.

He waddled to the door and
felt an unfamiliar breeze
The green things in the distance
he remembered were called trees
He staggered to the woods un-
til exhausted then he sat
And lived there like a stump on
his accumulated fat
In time his body melted
into somewhat human form
With winter coming on he
needed shelter from the storm
He wandered all alone in-
to a harsh reality
The technobody info super highway refugee

At last he hitched a ride with
folks in smokey buckskin togs
He got in back and settled
in amidst the kids and dogs
They headed off for Utah
and its salty inland sea
While watching out for roadkill
be it skunk or coyote
When he heard them talk about
the place they planned to go -
The Bunny Thumper Roundup
held in Rexburg, Idaho
They said that they would take him
there and share their old teepee
With a technobody info super highway refugee

Once in camp he saw how peo-
ple lived outside the cage
As they had done for eons
up until the modern age
And in the future too if
that is what is meant to be
As they prepared for just such
an eventuality.
Some sat around a pit while
crafting tools right from the stone
While others took apart a
deer for meat and skin and bone
These happy low tech members of
the tribe called SPT
And the tehnobody info super highway refugee.

Now if you want to join them
and a web link you can get
Look up
out there on the internet
You can use both cash and plas-
tic now to pay the entry fee
Of the Society of Primitive Technology.



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