Jiffy Fletching Using Duct Tape

by Dick Baugh



A jiffy fletch for arrows and atlatl darts. Another use for duct tape.

At the 1998 Rabbit Stick Rendezvous (September in Rexberg, ID) Scott Jones and I were engaged in a learned dialog on the virtues of river cane, Arundo donax and Japanese arrow bamboo as shaft material for arrows and atlatl darts and the importance of tuning the oscillation period of the dart to match the thrower. One of us, I don't remember who, casually suggested that it would be easy to make a temporary fletch out of duct tape for a dart. It really works!


1. Putting on the first piece of tape.

2, 3. Both pieces of tape on the shaft.

4. Template used to trim to an aerodynamic shape.


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