Useful and Edible Plants of California (1)

DISCLAIMER: A website is insufficient to convey the knowledge a person needs to safely and responsibly use wild plants. Before eating or using any plant, seek hands-on field training with a qualified professional in the proper identification and use of wild plants.
Gather only what you need or use. You should leave more than enough for the plant to easily reproduce and grow.
Also know that gathering in State and National Parks and wildlife preserves may be detrimental and/or illegal. Be sure to get permission from the landowner of private property before gathering wild plants.


Big_leaf_maple Blackberry Black_mustard1 Black_mustard2 Blue_elderberry
Big leaf maple Blackberry Black mustard Black mustard Blue elderberry
Blue_eyed_grass Blue_oak Box_elder_f Broadleaf_plantain Brodeia1
Blue eyed grass Blue oak Tule Broadleaf plantain Ithuriel's spear
Brodiea2 California_Bay_Laurel1 California_bay_laurel2 California_black_walnut2 California_black_walnut2_f
Ithuriel's spear California bay laurel California bay laurel California black walnut California black walnut
California_black_walnut3 California_black_walnut3_f California_black_walnut_f California_buckeye California_poppy
California black walnut California black walnut California black walnut California buckeye California poppy
California_sage Chickweed1 Chickweed2 Cleavers Coffeeberry
California sagebush Chickweed Chickweed Cleavers Coffeeberry
Cottonwood Cottonwood_bark Curly-dock1 Curly_dock2 Currant
Cottonwood Cottonwood Curly dock Curly dock Currant
Blue Witch        


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