Part Three: Begin the Weaving

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Your finished mat. Again, the right side is not as dry as the left. It will dry to a beautiful light tan, and the wonderful smell will last for a year or two.


Some helpful books:

The Craft of Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving, by Adren J. Bird, et. aL, University of Hawaii Press, 1982 (ISBN # 0-8248-0814-2), available through The Caning Shop (this is the best book for the novice).

Kupuna Maunakea's Lauhala Preparation and Simple Weaving, by Kupuna Katherine Karrialukukui Maunakea, privately published, Nanakuli, Hawaii, 1986.

The Story of Lauhala, by Edna Williamson Stall, Petroglyph Press, 2000 (ISBN# 0-912180-52-8) (no instructions, just a history and illustrations of uses).

Fun with Flax, 50 Projects for Beginners, by Mick Prendergast, Reed Books, 1987 (ISBN3 0-7900-0053-9) (anything that can be woven with flax can be woven with lauhala. Instructional book with toys, braids and headbands to weave).


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