Part Three: Begin the Weaving

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Lay a strip of masking tape on the side of your weaving area about a foot wider than you want your mat. If this is your first mat, I would advise you to start small, maybe two feet by three feet. In this case, your masking tape would be three feet long. Check each strip of lauhala to determine which is the "good" side. Begin to lay out your lauhala, good side up, with about six inches of each strip sticking to the left of the strip of tape (if you are right-handed, then the rest of the strip to the right of the masking tape. If you are left-handed, put the tape on your right , and reverse all directions from now on.) Make sure that the strips are butted up right next to each other. In this picture, the bottom six strips are correctly aligned, but the seventh strip has slid under the eighth. Adjust this before you begin weaving. Also alternate each strip, (keeping the good side up) so that you have butt, then tip, then butt. This will keep your mat even, and equally strong.