Brain Tanned Buffalo Robes & Moccassins
Made by Markus Klek




Buffalo robe painted with earth pigments.


Katja and Whitedeer with one of my buffalo robes.



My friend, Matin, wearing a painted buffalo robe.

"The hide I have from Markus is personal. It is a work of art, like the difference between a plastic bowl and one hand made by a friend. It is a story of the past. Huge, cuddly, and warm. Moves me to the roots. Takes care of my ancestral desires for security."


Sonja in a robe with a beaded "Blanket Strip" along the whole length.

"I have been connected to the buffalo spirit ever since I was a little girl, always reading about the natives of North America. The wonderful surprise of meeting Markus with his brain tanned buffalo hides just made it very clear to me that I can finally connect with the Buffalo Nation on a real physical level. My buffalo hide was with me last year during my rite of passage and it was very powerful to be wrapped in the hide during the ceremony."



Steven with his buffalo robe.


Markus in one of his buffalo robes.



Markus in one of his buffalo robes.


Cozy pair of buffalo hide moccassins.


For additional information, comments or inquiries about my robes, please contact me - Markus Klek.
NOTE: I am always looking to buy salted or dried buffalo hides.
If you have any, please call me via my home phone in Germany: 011-49 7657933259

Or send me an e-mail at


Brain Tanned Buffalo Hides



E-mail your comments to "Markus Klek" at
Markus Klek resides in Germany.

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