Article Guidelines for Submission

1. It must have something to do with primitive technology or skills of the past, either in re-learning how something used to be done, a deeper understanding of how something works or knowledge based on contact with present day indigenous cultures.

2. It must contain unique or not widely distributed information. There are plenty of websites that promote primitive technology, many of them saying almost exactly the same thing.

3. It must be correct. Many of the chat room contributions are nothing more than opinions without a sound basis of fact.

4. It must be original. Avoid copying photos or text from other websites or from your references. If you are using ideas from someone else's work, give them credit with a citation.

5. It must engage the reader. Capture your audience with details. If describing a technique, be sure directions are clear enough for someone without experience to follow. Let the reader know if you have personal experience with your topic by including photographs or drawings to help illustrate your points. This kind of authenticity improves the credibility of your article.

6. Include references or citations about where you learned your information. If you learned it "by trial and error", include information about errors and pitfalls too. Do a spell check and proof for grammar.


E-mail your article(s) to Dino Labiste at
Label your "Subject" heading in your e-mail with the words: PrimitiveWays Article Submission

Your article will be reviewed by the founding members of PrimitiveWays. We will send you a response as to whether your article is accepted to the website. The author will be credited with his/her name to the article. You may add photo files, illustration files and/or embedded YouTube videos in your article. We will inform you on how to submit your files and the embedded YouTube video code.

Thank you for submitting your article. We look forward to reading each and everyone's submission. Help us share the knowledge, ideas and experience of primitive technology to everyone.



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