YouTube Videos: Skills of the Past & Present


Spider Web and Kite Fishing in the Santa Catalina Island

Maori Kites

Traditional Furnace of the Bidayuh in Semban, Sarawak

Meghalaya's Living Bridges

San People of the Kalahari Desert
Persistent Hunt: Running down your prey

Semelai Fire Piston

Samoan Fire Plow

Fire Thong I

Fire Thong II

Fire Thong III

Pull String Fire Drill

Fire Strap Drill

Filipino Bamboo Fire Saw

Composite Hand Drill

Tule Boat

Papyrus Boats of Ethiopia

Fire Piston Construction
Part 1
Part 2

The Navigators: Pathfinders of the Pacific

Klamath Style Yew Bow

Bilum Making

Tilong Bamboo Rat Trap

Bamboo Shelter

Jungle Shelter: Building the Roof

Collett Footdrill Fire-by-Friction

Swedish Torch

Bamboo musical instruments of the Kalinga groups in the Philippines

Stripping Terap Bark for Making Cordage

Vanuatu Sand Drawings

Samoan Tatau by Professor Albert Wendt
Part 1
Part II
Part III

Samoan Tatau

Golden Orb Spider Silk Textile

The World of the Lapps
Part 1
Part II

Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Hunting with Cheetahs in India

Zeer Pot: Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator

Gathering, Storing, Processing as Done by the Southwestern Pomo Indians of California

Pine Nuts
A Food of the Paiute and Washo Indians of California and Nevada

Shelling Pinon Pine Nuts

Buckeyes: A Food of the California Indians

The Story of Cedar: Cowichan Workshop

The Sinew-Back Bow and Its Arrows
Part I

Part II

How to Make a Primitve Bow
Part I

Part II
Part III
Part IV

Traditional Japanese Bamboo Arrows
(spoken in Japanese)
Part I
Part II
Part III

Swiss Arrow

The Men Who Hunted Heads

Headhunters of World War II

Traditional Dance in Borneo

Faster Ways to Tie Useful Knots

17th Century Living in Wales

Making Linen from Flax

Flax Spinning
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V-a
Part V-b
Part V-c
Part VI
Part VII-a
Part VII-b

Moroccan Bow Lathe

Romanian Pole Lathe Flask Turner

Samoan Cooking at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Natural Dyes used Traditionally in Papua New Guinea

How to Make an Aborigine Wira

Mau Piailug - Master Navigator from Satawal

Dances of Life (Maori)

How to Use Maori Weaponry
Part I
Part II

Tukiterangi Curtis Trained in the Fighting Arts of Old Waka Huia
Part I
Part II

Maori Mere

Mere Pounamu (greenstone club)

Maori Taiaha

Tongan Kava Ceremony

Tongan Kava Bowl

Kava Ceremony of Wallis Island

Axes of Mendi, Papua New Guinea
Fighting Axe
Tree Felling Axe

Timp Fighting Shield of Mendi, Papua New Guinea

Fighting Picks of Tari, Papua New Guinea

Milky Way Bark Painting

Woppaburra Drill and Fish Hooks

History of Chinese Porcelain
Part I
Part II

African Pottery Forming and Firing

Pottery Traditions of Kutch, India

Tapa Cloth
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Tongan Ngatu
Part I
Part II

Kau Fangota: Gleaners of the Sea
Part I
Part II

Fijian Coconut Frond Basket
Part I
Part II

How to Make a Palm Hat
Part I
Part II

Bamboo Basket of Assam, India

How to Harvest & Clean Your New Zealand Flax Bush

Maori Piu Piu

Maori Kahu Kuri

Tongan Octopus Lure

NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires - Inca

Inca Wool Processing

Waorani of Ecuador

Bamboo Fish Trap

Fijian Tabua

Puffer Fish Helmet

Carving Family History

Rainbow Bridge, China

Moai of Easter Island

Machines of Ancient China

Complete History of Swords

NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword

NOVA: Secrets of the Viking Sword

Ancient War Technology

Carpet Weaving in Fars

Traditional Art of Carpet Weaving in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Feedback Madagascar's Wild Forest Silk Project

Silk Production from Wild Cocoons in Madagascar

A Strand of Silk

Making Silk

Yuki-tsumugi: Silk Fabric Production Technique

Ray Mears
Tropical Island
The Spice Islands
Western Samoa
The Arizona Desert
The Coromandel Coast
Headwaters of the Orinoco
The Arctic
New Zealand
Arhamland, Australia
The Rocky Mountains
Outback Survival
Jungle Camp
Africa Camp
Northern Boreal Forest
West Coast of Canada
Sea Survival
Psychology of Survival
American Prairies
Sahara Desert
Bushcraft in Britain
Making a Traditional Algonquin Birchbark Canoe
Canoe Journey
Desert Walkabout

Ray Mears' Wild Foods of Britain
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Ray Mears' Bushcraft: Aboriginal Britain

Ray Mears Demonstrations

Netsilik Inuit - Fishing at the Stone Weir
Part I
Part II

Netsilik Inuit - Stalking Seal on the Spring Ice
Part I
Part II

Netsilik Inuit - Group Hunting on the Spring Ice
Part I
Part II
Part III

How to Build an Igloo

Life of the Inuits
Part I
Part II
Part III

Fijian Inshore Fishing

Birch Bark Canoe

People of Papua New Guinea

Tribe of the Amazon

People of Sulawesi

Honey Hunters of Nepal

Fishing with Poison

Life and Culture of the Vikings

Potae (Hat)

How to Prepare Lauhala Weaving

Aunty Gladys Grace Papale Lauhala Weaving

Fijian War Clubs

Traditional Li Textile Techniques

Dayak Cultural Dance from Borneo

Men Stealing Meat from Lions

How to Prepare New Zealand Flax Leaves
Part I
Part II

New Zealand Flax Bag

New Zealand Flax Container

Living in the Desert

Wisdom of the Kupuna (Ocean & Land)

Exploring Culture at Shoalwater Bay with Lester Adams

Plants and Culture on Great Keppel Island with Bob Muir

Plant Uses and Medicines near Woorabinda with Steve Kemp

Carnarvon Gorge with Fred Conway

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants with Michael Pilarski

How to Find Clean Water in the Jungle

Lars Andersen: A New Level of Archery

History of Swords

Wa'a Ho'olaule'a (Festival of Canoes)
Part I
Part II
Part III

Evolution of Pacific Cultures

Ethnobotany with Hinano Murphy

Ethnobotany and Conservation in West Africa

'Awa and Cultural Conservation

Fermentation in Cultures

La'au Lapa'au: Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Healthcare

Making Sense of Plant Medicines: Exploring the Sensory Properties of Plant Therapies

Wild Plant Foods

Ethnobotany of the Canoe Plants

Major World Crops

California Basket Making (Central Valley)

How to make a traditional Coast Salish Drum by Jorge Lewis

Making an Athabascan Drum

From Kayaks to Masks: Traditions of Sugpiaq Carving

Material Traditions - Sewing Salmon

The Artistry and History of Aleutian Islands Bentwood Hats

St. Lawrence Island Yupik Traditions: Sanightaaq (Ceremonial Gut Parka)

The Artistry of Tlingit Weaving

West African Dogon Masks

Masks and Mask Makers of Bangwa

Cameroonian Traditional Dancing Mask

Building the Pyramids of Egypt

Making Linen

Creating a Norwegian Bandvev (Narrow Band)

Grace of the Flood: Mushrooms and Mayan Culture in Chiapas
Part I
Part II

Nowhere Else on Earth: Indigenous Plants of Hawaii

The Athabascan Snowshoe Makers Residency

Yup'ik Traditions: Qantaq (Bentwood Bowl)

Bentwood Boxes of the Northwest Coast

Inuit Throat Singing Introduction

Smelting Iron in West Africa

Building Without Nails: Japanese Carpentry

Material Traditions: Dene Quill Work

Nanook of the North (1922)

The Aztec Empire

The Turkish and Ottoman Empire

Woodworking with a Stone Adze

Whistled Language of the Island of La Gomera (Canary Islands)

The Last Speakers of the Lost Whistling Language, Sylbo

The Mountain Men

Caribbean Pirates

The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea

A Korubo Fishing for an Electric Eel

Making a Didgeridoo

Australian Aboriginal Use of Spinifex Resin

First Peoples

Zo'e tribe

NOVA: Nomads of the Rainforest

Baka: People of the Rainforest

The Men of the Fifth World

Indigo Dye Extraction

How To Make Dye From Plants

Building a Tiled Roof House

Constructing a Wattle and Daub House

Making a Thatched Dome House

Bow Making with Ed Scott
Part I
Part II
Part III

Human Life

Dugout Canoes: The Lost Craft of Crusoe Island

Northwest Coast Canoe Project
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

Making Hide Glue - Start to Finish

Weaving the Bridge at Q'eswachaka

Tree-House Builders: Korowai Tribe

Working Spalls with Paleo-Tools
and Indirect Percussion

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Medieval Rope-Making

Fire Roll

Bamboo Shrimp Trap

The Secret World of the Japanese Swordsmith

Balan the Blowpipe Maker

Cherokee Heritage Center Blowgun Making

How To Make a Blowpipe

Life in the Amazon Jungle
Traditional Bow
Making a Blowpipe
Trapping Fish
Eating Palm Grubs
Building a Trap Line

Laos Bird Trap

Natural Dyes and Dyeing from Woodland Plants
Part I
Part II
Part III

Identifying Edible Roadkill
Part I
Part II
Part III

Building a Debris Shelter in the Woodlands

Saami Kuksa Cup

Raman, Orang Asli from Malaysia
Part I
Part II

Orang Asli in Old Malaya's Jungle
Part I
Part II

Stone Ax Demo

Mors Kochanski's 2 Kilo Survival Kit

How To Make A Wood Gas Stove

Homemade Tin Can Rocket Stove

Traditional Swedish Woodworking: Clogs, Spoons and Chairs

Cherry Log To Country Chair

Dani Pig Festival

Dani tribe of Baliem Valley, West Papua New Guinea

Giay Underground Pig Cooking in Sapa, Vietnam

Imu (Underground Oven)

Finding and Cooking Seafood with Ray Mears

Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

Cord Drill and Pump Drill

Traditional Bows

Traditional Archery Tiips

Lau Hala Bracelet

'Upena Manu, Hawaiian Bird Net

Cooking in the Papua New Guinea Jungle

Building a Qajaq (Inuit sealskin kayak)

Inshore Fishing in Lau

Traditional Hawaiian Ulua Fishing

Na Loea: Malama Mo'omomi - Mac Poepoe, Master Hawaiian Fisherman

Fishing and Farming Tools of the Ancient People of Guam

Uhau Humu Pohaku (Hawaiian dry masonry)
Master Masons
Cultural Protocol and Spirituality
Building Techniques
Demonstration Ahu Construction

Making Charcoal Using the Mound Method

Yokuts of California
Part I
Part II



Makah: Salmon Cooking

Kwakiutl Wooden Box

Totem Poles of the Northwest Coast Peoples

Funnel Fish Trap from Brazil

African Bird Trap

Laos Bird Snare
American Modificaton to the Laos Bird Snare

Asian Monitor Trap

Catching and Cooking in Wild

How to Husk a Coconut

Making a Bamboo Jaw Harp

First Peoples: Africa

First Peoples: Australia

First Peoples: Asia

First Peoples: Europe

First Peoples: Americas

Canoe Strokes and Control

Hei Tiki

Hawaiian Hale (house) Lashings
Part I
Part II
Part III

Ethnobotany of Traditional Hawaiian Housing Materials

Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Behavior

Homo Sapiens - The Birth of Humanity

Wild Plant Foods

Straw Rope

Nomadic Tribes of the Sahara

Origins of Plant Uses: Mythology as Truth

Samoan Fire Plow

Bamboo Crafts of Assam

Butchering a Pig with a Bamboo Knife

Aborigine Boomerang and Harpoon

Plants Folklore: From Myths to Magic

Papyrus: The Paper Plant

Plants of Ceremony: Kava

Perfume, the Origin of Scent

Plants of Culture: The Story of Durian and Taro

Passing the Torch: Plants of Tradition

Plants for Drink: Fermenting Nature's Nectar

Starting Fire with a Sandwich Bag

Relationship Between Yao Honey Hunter & Greater Honeyguide

Honey Guide Bird

Life of an Il Torobo Hunter-Gatherer

Kingdoms of Africa
West Africa
Kingdom of Asante
Zulu Kingdom
Berber Kingdom of Morocco
Bunyoro and Buganda

Tiwanaku Culture of Bolivia

Forge Blower

Stories from the Stone Age

Weapons without Metal

Making a Bamboo Jaw Harp II

Ainu - First People of Japan

The Ancient Sea Masters

The Jungle Axe

Flexible Wood Handle for Axe

Warriors of the Sea

Sanema Tribe

Tribal Cooking in the Jungle

Colors of Nature

Indonesia: Ghosts of Sulawesi

Korubo Hunter of the Amazon

How to Weave a Flax Container

Palmetto Basket

Great Human Odyssey

Bed Shed

How to Build an Igloo

How an Igloo Keeps You Warm

Five Useful Knots (Part 1)

Seven Useful Knots (Part 2

10 Useful Knots (Part 3)

Tattoo Tool with Frank Puletua

Irish Rushwork
Part I
Part II
Part III

Eskimos in Alaska

The Dayaks of Borneo

Guro Inosanto - Filipino Martial Arts Demo at the Smithsonian

Archer's Paradox

Archery Rapid Fire by Lajos Kassai

Netsilik Man Building a Cable-Backed Antler Bow

Building a Kayak
Part I
Part II

Polynesian Discovery
Part I
Part II

Building a Birch Bark Canoe

Ifugao Culture

Primitive Technology

Bidayuh Blades


Log Boat Building in Finland

The Exploration of Northwest Coast Indian Art

Cowichan Coast Salish: Cedar Hat Weaving and Bark Pulling

Cedar Basket Weaving with Brenda Crabtree

Ruby Chemerica: Hodavidpi Basket Weaver

Joe David: Spirit of the Mask

Walking with Giants: How the Easter Island Moai Moved

How to Make a Coconut Palm Leaf Hat
Part I
Part II

How to Make a Shaker Cheese Basket

Balan the Malaysian Blowpipe Maker
Making Tajem (dart poison)

Carrying Fire the Pikunii Way

Julia Parker

Julia and Lucy Parker

Julia Parker at Yosemite

Backstory: Julia Parker
Part I
Part II

Linda Yamane
Ohlone Basket Weaver

Lindad Yamane

Life in the Arts: Linda Yamane

Baskets from the Columbia Plateau

Weaving History with Pat Courtney Gold

Pat Courtney Gold Demonstrates the Full Turn Twine in Wasco Basketry

Navajo Baskets

Carlos Herrera Demonstrates Pueblo Basketmaking

Barkcloth Making in Uganda

The Making of Barkcloth

Mary Weahkee Makes Mongollon Sandals From Yucca

Waraji: Japanese Straw Sandals
Part I
Part II

How to Make Waraji Rope Sandals

Wilderness Sandals

Chilkat Weaver: Lily Hope

The Artistry of Tlingit Weaving

Tommy Joseph: Constructing Tlingit Armor

Navajo Weaver Clara Sherman: Carding and Spinning

Taniko Weaving - A Maori Weaving Technique

Weaving from the Heart: A Lauhala Hat Weaving Documentary

How to Extract Fibers from New Zealand Flax

The Making of Piupiu

Venturi Hearth Modification for Friction Fire Hearthboard

Tame Iti: Mana, The Power of Knowing Who You Are


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