Removing Deer Hooves

by Dino Labiste



One type of indigenous rattle was made from the hooves of the deer. In order to create a deer hoof rattle, you have to remove the hoof from the toe bone of the deer.


You will need:
1. Two pliers. The pliers should be adjustable to grab different sizes.
2. Knife
3. Someone to help you hold the other plier.


Use the knife to cut the deer foot in half.


If you want a clean cut on the edge of the deer hoof, cut a circle around the area where the hair meets the hoof. If you want all of the hoof, do not do the cut.


Have someone grip the tip area of the hoof with the plier. Using the other plier, grip the bone area closest to the hoof.


The person gripping the bone area of the deer foot should do the twisting. The other person should hold on tight with the plier. Twist in one direction and in the other direction until the hoof separates from the toe bone.




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