Mesoamerican Prismatic Blade Production
from Obsidian

Video by Dick Baugh
Information compiled by Dino Labiste



"In archaeology, a prismatic blade is a long, narrow, specialized lithic flake with parallel margins. Prismatic blades are removed from polyhedral blade cores through pressure reduction. . . . . Obsidian prismatic blade production was ubiquitous in Mesoamerica, and these tools can be found at a large majority of Mesoamerican archaeological sites from the Preclassic period on until the arrival of the Spanish in the early 16th century."
Excerpt from webpage:

Photos by Dino Labiste ©

Prismatic Blade and Obsidian Core


View Dick Baugh's YouTube video of Greg Nunn's demonstration on one of the techniques of Mesoamerican prismatic blade production.


View photos of other Mesoamerican prismatic blade production from "The Conference on Ancient Mesoamerican Obsidian Prismatic Blade Production" at Pennsylvania State University on May 22-28, 2000.


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