KAHIKO Arts is available for cultural history programs / primitive skill demonstrations / lectures to schools, organizations or groups. Choose any topic from the links below or inquire about other early technology and indigenous skills. Contact Dino Labiste for group fees and information at KahikoArts@yahoo.com.

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Definition of Kahiko: 1. To think, act, speak in the old way. 2. Ancient; a long time ago.

"Teaching enriches me in the sense that I am sharing my knowledge of indigenous skills. Hopefully, in turn, the students will continue their study of primitive technology and pass down their acquired skills to someone else who is passionate about learning early technology. Knowledge is not complete until it is passed on.

Both teaching and learning are essentially experiences of sharing. Sharing is based upon the interdependence and interconnectedness of life. In such a world of interrelationship, a single act of sharing, kindness or giving benefits not only the receiver but the giver.

There is nothing in this world that cannot teach us. I am constantly learning from everyone I meet. Elitelleq Nangyuituq (lee-DETH-uck NUNG-you-ee-dock). In the Ypik Eskimo language, it means "learning is forever."



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