Boiling With Hot Stones

by Storm



Post Script

Upon moving to southern California, I searched for rocks that might make decent boiling stones.  One of the locally-abundant rocks one can find is green (low iron content) and black (higher iron content) nephrite jade.  While it is much harder than the talc/magnesite, the jade is quite carveable—at least with modern tools.  The jade that is predominantly black never failed as a boiling stone.

The low-iron, green nephrite jade failed often, usually cracking and breaking after only one use.  The talc/magnesite and the black nephrite jade performed perfectly, even after half-a-dozen uses!

Upon moving to southern California, I recently tried out some local rocks, like this talc.  The tan/orange inclusions are magnesite, which is used to make furnace fire-bricks (and is one of the parent materials that metamorphoses into talc).  I think that, while talc/magnesite also never failed to perform, it holds more heat than even basalt—my new favorite boiling stone!

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