Boiling With Hot Stones

by Storm



Poor granite.  This species suffered a near 100% failure rate.  I’ve been told by a geology professor that water can infiltrate the interstitial spaces between the relatively-large quartz, feldspar and mica crystals and expand the rock when heated.  To it’s credit, granite never sent shrapnel flying when it cracked. 

Quartzite fared a little better, being smaller-grained and more homogenous throughout it’s structure.  About 50% of these survived.  I will note that when quartzite cracked, it sometimes exploded (but shards never traveled more than a foot or so away from the wooden bowl. 

And the winner is . . . .
Basalt out-performed the other species of rock by far.  Only about 5% of these cracked with use.  A few years later, I still use these particular pieces of basalt.  They show no signs of giving out.  Incidentally, one can purchase smooth basalt cobbles in fancy home/yard furnishing stores.





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